What Would It Be Like If You Actually Achieved What You Attempted?

"If guilt and shame were motivational, we'd all be happier, healthier, and more successful. It simply does not work. Start by changing those feelings and watch what happens!"
Productivity Expert and Motivational Speaker Scott “Q” Marcus


I was looking to find a facilitator that could help build upon our teamwork, and help each of us get to know each other better for interpersonal development. Scott met with me in advance to research our needs, and he took into account the needs that each of our staff put together and created a wonderful afternoon workshop for us. He is funny, can relate well to all types of people, and has great relevant programming and activities. I would highly recommend Scott for an employee motivational event.

— Todd Larsen Assistant Director of Business Operations Humboldt State University Housing & Residence Life


Recovering Perfectionist" Scott "Q" Marcus believes small steps done regularly will always outdo large steps done intermittently. The reason we don't get what we want is we aim to be perfect. Since that's impossible, we inevitably fall short . We feel bad. We stress out. We become less efficient. It's a downward spiral.


"This Time I Mean It" is a highly interactive and upbeat program, developed by Scott, that uses real-life examples to show audiences and individuals how to embrace their imperfections, identify what's holding them back, and finally move forward to get what they've always attempted.



Let professional productivity expert Scott motivate your group to “Strive for Imprefection” (sic) and get unstuck, so they can be more productive, less stressed, and more satisfied with life. Don’t hold back - Book Scott Now!