Surprise! Being Fit = More Opportunity; Here’s Why

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A healthy body is the gateway to a sharp mind, and a sharp mind is the key factor to landing and excelling at the job of your dreams.

Now, going to the gym twice a week won’t immediately merit a raise at the office, but getting your health on track will improve your quality of life. People who lead happy lives are proven to succeed more in their professional endeavors. Here’s why.

How you carry yourself = how people view you

And I don’t just mean you’ll get more phone numbers at the bar on Friday night.

It’s a known fact that a rocking body will give you more luck with the opposite sex. But more importantly, it will make you think more highly of yourself. This is absolutely key in gaining the respect of others. Confident people are statistically more likely to request a raise at work, apply for advancement opportunities as they arise, or be offered promotions by their superiors.

But being confident means creating the version of yourself about whom you can feel confident.

How do you do that?

Being fit + feeling good = confidence

First, try a sound program that suits you. If you need to lose weight, then start treating yourself in a manner to do so. You’ll start feeling results before you start seeing them. For a lot of people who begin eating well, they’ll notice results in as quickly as a day or two.

So before you start seeing ripped abs, you’re going to start feeling like you deserve ripped abs. And once you have that confidence boost, you’ll be unstoppable.

There aren’t a lot of people in the world who would say “No thanks,” to the opportunity to make more money. There are probably just as many people out there who would turn down the opportunity to improve their physical appearance and health.

But unless you have a magic genie to grant you three wishes, your income, physique and health are in your own hands to control. The three are interrelated, and all depend on one thing: Confidence.

Why confidence is crucial to the equation

It’s no secret that getting in shape will boost your confidence, but did you know that a self-assured persona can lead to commendations, promotions and raises at work?

Unless your boss is off his desk chair, he wants people in power who are empowered. Getting yourself in shape by sticking to a regimented diet and exercise plan will force you to take control of your personal life, which will inevitably bleed over into the professional sphere. Once you’ve taken the initiative to get your health in gear, asserting yourself in both your professional and personal life will come not only easily, but naturally.

When you’ve trained yourself to believe that you deserve the absolute best, it will become a no-brainer to do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Your body is a trophy—make it one worth winning

Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution Program reviews the crucially important role of diet and exercise in the path to success. Eating well doesn’t happen by accident, and definitely not overnight. But small changes over time can lead to drastic changes in self-confidence.

Unless you’re a card counter headed to Vegas, increasing your income takes hard work, too. It’s one thing to hope for something, but another game entirely to take your life by the reigns and make it happen.

Believe you deserve it before you try to get it

So, what does it all boil down to?

Getting fit means getting what you want. Let’s rehash the “Why;”

  • The way you feel about yourself projects onto other people. If you feel confident, people pick up on that.
  • In order to feel good about yourself, you need to have something to feel good about. Get your butt in shape with a great diet and regular, vigorous exercise.
  • Once you’re the version of “you” you want to be, you’ll be unstoppable.
  • You’ll look back at all your hard work and see that you did this for you. And you’ll be invigorated to go after whatever goal you’ve set for yourself, such as…
  • Having More Opportunities!

About the Author: Dr Mike Tremba has tried every yo-yo diet imaginable on his way to finding true, steady health.  He’s learned that no gimmicks or pills replace common-sense eating and exercise.  From his own health problems from being obese in the past, he has learned that the basics of weight-loss are a daily journey.  Through his writing, such as his reviews on The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Dr. Mike continually reaches out to as many people as possible on the extraordinary benefits of a healthy life.

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