Intelligence and Emotion are Not Related

Self-Acceptance Affirmation

Intelligence and perfection are not related.

When we don’t accomplish our objectives, we beat ourselves up with insults such as “I can’t believe how stupid I am,” as if we are incapable to doing what we need to do and as if insulting ourselves would move us closer to what we want.

Accomplishment has less to do with intelligence than it has to do with emotion. You can be the smartest person on the planet – yet if you don’t believe you can accomplish what you want, you won’t. Period. End of story.

Rather than considering yourself stupid or ignorant for not accomplishing everything you want, focus on what you have accomplished as proof that you have the skills you need to continue on your path.

I am wise enough and smart enough to accomplish whatever I want.

Note: this one in a series of “Striving for Imprefection” Affirmations aimed at helping us be more accepting of ourselves and get past the scourge of perfectionism that holds us back. You can find all affirmations here.

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