Understanding Your Motivation

Before changing, establish what matters.

‘Tis the time of year for change! (Actually any time is the time for change…) Right now, we are besieged with “resolution-mania.” The question on everyone’s lips is “What are you resolutions?” We look more critically at ourselves in the mirror. We imagine losing weight, exercising more, getting more fit, improving our relationships.There is nothing wrong with deciding to change. Actually, it’s probably one of the healthier things you can.

The problem is not figuring out “why” before you start.

Before you decide to move forward and re-arrange your life and the lives of everyone else around you, ask yourself one simple question:

“Why do I want to change this?”

Why did I ever decide to do this?

If the answer includes the word, “Should,” (such as “I should be thinner,” or “I should make more money) disregard it. You will never stick with it. However, if the answer is, “I want to…” or “I need to…” (and “I’m willing to…”), then pick a small goal, and start immediately.

Knowing “why” you’re changing can be important as “what” you’re changing.

Understand your intention and take the first step!

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