Self-Talk and Self-Care After Mistakes

Anti-Perfectionism Affirmation

Be Kind to Yourself

We tend to be very quick to blame ourselves and very slow to accept compliments. A compliment denied is punishment self inflicted. When we feel bad, we engage in comforting behaviors; which many times are the very behaviors we are trying to change. Look for ways to complement yourself for what you do rather than beat yourself up for what you did not do. (That is not to say deny the problem, just be as kind to yourself about your slip-ups as you would be to a child.)

I will forgive myself for the errors I made today. I will correct them, but do so in a state of grace for all concerned, including myself.

Note: this one in a series of “Striving for Imprefection” Affirmations aimed at helping get past the scourge of perfectionism that holds us back. You can find all affirmations here.


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