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This is a list of the experts who have been interviewed so far as part of the “Getting Past What Holds You Back” inspirational conference calls.

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Dr. Nick  Yphantides “Dr. Nick”

Dr. Nick YphantidesDr. Nick is  the medical spokesman for TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and the Chief Medical Officer of San Diego County, Author of My Big Fat Greek Diet.

Dr. Nick Yphantides used to weigh 467 pounds (sic) and is now an advocate for those in his community who need it the most. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for San Diego County and its 3.2 million residents (1% of America’s population). He is the Founding Co-Chair of San Diego’s Childhood Obesity Initiative, was the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of one the largest network of Community Clinics in San Diego County, the CMO of the Council of Community Clinics and was the publicly elected Chairman of the Board for Palomar Health, the largest Public Hospital District in California. Also serves as the national Medical Spokesperson for TOPS.

big fat greek dietHe is thankful for the fact that he has never seen a patient with private insurance in his life. As a result of his personal health transformation he now advocates for population health transformation. Dr. Nick is a cancer survivor and has been to as many countries as he is old. His daughters Veronique and Zoe are the joy of his life and they make their home in Escondido, California. We will be discussing personal transformation, weight loss, and life change.

We discussed personal transformation, weight loss and life change.

Visit his website here • Purchase My Big Fat Greek Diet from Amazon here.


Jim PainterJim has been the recipient of numerous grants that have focused on changing our eating environment. He has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and presentations to his credit. He produced the video Portion Size Me and authored Nutrition You Can Use.

Jim Painter received a Master’s degree from Oklahoma State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. Jim has been a Registered Dietitian since 1980 and is a member of the American Dietetic Association.

He worked for Marriott Corporation in the 1980s, taught at the University of Illinois in the field of Nutrition and Hospitality during the 1990s and at Eastern Illinois University in the 2000s where he also chaired the School of Family and Consumer Sciences. He has served on commodity scientific advisory boards, such as Paramount Farms Pistachio Health, National Pasteurized Eggs and has directed Nutrition Research for the California Raisin Marketing Board.

Jim’s presentations have taken him around the world as he shares his wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Jim and Scott discussed Food Psychology: Why We Eat More Than We Think.

Visit his website here  • Follow him on Twitter


ronald-azzuRon Azzu, Esq.

Ron was the International King for TOPS in 2004.

About 10 years ago, Ron walked into a TOPS Club meeting. Though he had been heavy most of his life, for the first time, he experienced what he calls the missing link in the desperate effort to lose weight and be happy and healthy. As a member of TOPS Club Inc., he was crowned the King of Massachusetts, as well as the International King for 2004. He is a practicing counselor at law, but spends his favorite time with speaking to people about controlling their weight and health. He speaks anywhere and anytime about his pathway from emotional eating and has been across the country chatting aout about putting yourself first.

We discussed Emotional Eating


Curt Boudreaux

Curt BoudreauxCurt Boudreaux is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Cajun Humorist from the New Orleans area.

Curt has been speaking professionally since 1989 and has presented programs in 25 states. He is the author of 5 books including the ABC’s of Self-Esteem, Irresistible Leadership and Never Kiss An Alligator On The Lips! (Cajun Humor) He has also recorded 2 Cajun humor CDs by the same title. Curt is a member and past president of the New Orleans Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

We discussed, “You Only Go Around Once!”

In the hustle and bustle of everyday living we often times let life pass us by. We go through life on the defensive, being reactive instead of proactive. We need to take the initiative to decide what we want to be and what we want to accomplish. To do this we need to dream, set goals, make a plan and then commit to accomplishing them. We can do this by dreaming big dreams, believing in yourself, taking positive risks, setting goals, being a team player and living each day with enthusiasm. (Have fun) This will help us to grow and get unstuck in our personal and professional life. Always remember this: life should be enjoyed, not endured.

Visit his website here  • Purchase his books and other materials here.


Jim Rova

Jim has lost over 100 pounds and has battled cancer. His story is amazing.

Jim lost 101 pounds to achieve his goal weight.  He  had a heart attack, cancer, diabetes,sleep apnea and was taking four meds three times a day. Yet, in 22 months, he lost 101 pounds and today takes no meds whatsoever. Now, he jogs three miles three times a week and boxes two days a week at the age of 73. He will inspire you.

We discussed how to keep off weight once you have lost it.


Kelly Swanson

motivationalspeakerkellyswansonrKelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, and author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?

Her funny motivating shows about getting from where you are stuck to where you want to be, have charmed hearts and tickled funny bones from coast to coast, from convention halls to cruise ships. Kelly’s topic for our interview will be See, Believe, Do, and Trust the Cape and we will be discussing her See/Believe/Do approach to finding your happier ever after.

In addition, Kelly is very funny and you’ll definitely want to check in on the call.

Visit her website here • Like Kelly’s Facebook page • Purchase “Who Hijacked my Fairy Tale” from Amazon here.


Phil GerbyshakPhil Gerbyshak

Mr. Gerbyshak is from “Make it Great! Institute.”

To listen to Phil  interview Scott “Q” Marcus on the Shut Up Show  follow this link.

Topic: Be More Human, Do More Business

Phil Gerbyshak is the continuous connections officer of who works with organizations to increase employee and customer engagement by leveraging the power of social media to create and deepen relationships.  In our talk, we will help you prevent from being the loudmouth with the megaphone and learn to avoid the most common business mistakes and learn to develop meaningful relationships that will be profitable on a business and personal level.

Remember this: Building connection takes time. If you ask someone to marry you on the first date you just seem creepy. Business connections are no different. Being More Human = Doing More Business.


Barb CadyBarb Cady

Barb is the president of TOPS, at the very bottom of this page.

This was a well-attended, live, inspirational discussion about the general areas of health, weight, and happiness and the impact weight has on physical and psychological health, as well as the role of a good support system and safe, sustainable strategies, while living in a society of abundance. She and Scott have a great report on this lively interview.

Some of the topics covered:

  • What it takes to get “unstuck” and be happier, healthier, and still “have a life.”
  • The impact of weight on physical and psychological health
  • The role of a good support system
  • Her perspectives on being the head of a large organization while still carving out time for a personal life;

Who would most benefit from this recording?

  • If you would like to be healthier, maybe even lose those few stubborn pounds that just won’t budge, this is for you.
  • If you feel you’d be better able to lead a happier and more fulfilling life if you didn’t have so many other things to do, this is for you.
  • If you have ever wondered how successful people manage to find time for themselves, their families, AND their health, this is for you.

Like TOPS’ Facebook page • Purchase “Real Life: A Hands-On Pounds-Off Guide” from Amazon here.


Dr. Richard Borough

Richard BoroughDr. Richard Paris Borough is an achievement psychologist.

Thirty-five years ago he founded Richard Borough’s Master-Mind Alliance. In short, the over ridding intention of this unique program is to help all participants double their income and become an even happier business owners.

We will be discussing the Business Improvement Process and how you too can create a “Done Business,” designed to drive your business to the next level of prosperity and greater personal contentment.

Like Mastermind Alliance’s page here • Visit the website here


Jessica Kupferman

Jessica-KupfermanMs. Kupferman is the host of Lady Business Radio and we will be discussing “How to Know When You’re the Saboteur.”

Jessica came to her own personal realization about what she had been doing to hold herself back, relating to money, success, and fear. In an attempt to make this the year that she finally broke free from financial feast and famine, she took a good, hard look at the times she was CLOSE to success and what went wrong.

This powerful, important topic will help women reflect on the things that they may be doing to self-sabotage in business or with money, and will help them finally develop tools and strategies to get past it, or at least be able to get to the next step.

Like Lady Business Radio at her Facebook page • Visit her website here • Follow her on Twitter

Interested in her Podcasting School for Women? Sure you are! You can find it here.

To listen to Jessica interview Scott “Q” Marcus on “Kicking the Habit,”  follow this link.


Dr. Mike Tremba

Tremba ThumbnailDr. Mike Tremba, has been a popular contributor to He is the founder of Natural Weight Loss Truth, not only shares how to lose weight, but he also follows the same advice he recommends. He didn’t lose his weight in one fell-swoop, and denies being a role model, but has gradually learned how to keep his weight off over a period of time. He’s an incredibly knowledgeable author, speaker, and writer with a very human story of how he regained his life.

Why it’s important: I’ve often heard it said that we get a warranty on our body that lasts for approximately 40 years-after that, health is something we must ‘earn’. I find the late 30’s and beyond so critical to make healthy choices. Within 10 years is when many of the preventable health problems begin kicking in. Master your health in your 30’s, and that warranty lasts many decades longer.

Why attitude is important? Because I’ve learned that I can follow the most perfect eating plan available. But, if my attitude isn’t there, I still struggle. Attitude is everything, including the “WHY” of being in shape! Attitude is the critical factor that many lifestyle plans are missing. Nurture attitude every day, and losing weight becomes MUCH easier!

Like Dr Mike at his Facebook page • Read Dr. Mike’s columns here

To listen to Mike interview Scott “Q” Marcus on “Breaking the Grip of Food Addiction,” follow this link.


Overcoming Fear of Success: Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Mary C. Kelly, PhD talks about how to get past that annoying habit we have of getting in our own way, once and for all based on her new ebook – Overcoming Fear Once and Forever.

Some of what you’ll take away include:

  • Are your fears holding you back?
  • Are you unintentionally allowing your fears to stop you from doing what you want to do?
  • Is the past hurting your future?
  • Learning techniques to overcome fears and move toward you best potential.


Getting Past Sadness: Learning to Laugh when you Feel Like Crying

With laughter, lecture and playful exercises, Allen Klein will help you learn tools, tips, and techniques to help you deal with your changes, challenges and life’s not-so-funny stuff. The material is based on Allen’s first book, The Healing Power of Humor which is in a 38th printing and a ninth language translation.

In addition, Allen will share information from his most recent book, Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying, which shows people how to embrace life after a loss. With heartwarming, and often hilarious, stories from those who have had the courage to laugh in spite of their prognosis, this part of the discussion will validate George Bernard Shaw’s statement that “Life does not cease to be funny when people die, any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”

Just a little of what you’ll take away from Allen Klein’s presentation:

  • How to get and keep your perspective with humor.
  • How to use humor to cope with changes and challenges.
  • Techniques for increasing your sense of humor
  • The 5 Laws of Laughter
  • Why laughter is important in loss


Staying Focused with a World-Class Expert!

Paul Kingsman helps us get past what holds us back from accomplishing more by better understanding how time management works. As a professional motivational speaker and executive coach, he teaches financial industry business people how to overcome distractions and maintain focus.

He knows the importance of keeping focused in life’s split seconds first hand: Paul trained for 13 years, to swim a two minute backstroke race at the 1988 Olympics, and won a medal by only four one-hundredths of a second! After retiring from competitive swimming, Paul applied the same success habits he had developed in sport to business, going on to achieve big results with some of the world’s best known companies, both in his native country of New Zealand and here in his adopted home of the U.S. He’s managed Speedo New Zealand and worked as a high net-worth advisor for both Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

In this fascination session, we learned great ideas to manage time – and why it’s so essential to accomplish our goals. Some of the topics included:

  • The difference between “excellence” and “perfection”
  • Why one can hold you back and one can move you forward
  • Time blocking – and why it’s urgent if you want to accomplish more
  • How to stay focused on long term goals despite everything else that can get in your way
  • Not mistaking “notoriety” with “importance”


Taking Charge of Your Health with Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene helps us get past what prevents us from being healthier – and she should know! Eliz was seven-months pregnant with twins when she suffered a massive heart attack. Her life changed — not only did she survive a ten-minute cardiac arrest, the cesarean delivery of her daughters and open-heart surgery, all on the same day — she gained new perspective and passion for life. Determined not to lose her new-found passion and to regain her health, Eliz developed strategies to fit activity and healthy habits into her life. She lost the more than eighty pounds she gained while pregnant and has since become a recreational triathlete. With over twenty-five years of coaching, consulting, and clinical experience, she has helped hundreds of couples, individuals, and business professionals, cope with these negative forces and regain control of their lives–personally & professionally. (She is also a dear friend.)

In our session, we will take charge of our health. We will realize that good health is a journey, not a destination. Some of the topics include:

  • Denial and fear of the unknown often limits the information we have to make good choices
  • Finding simple strategies to evaluate your health and take steps to live longer, feel better, and stress less
  • 5 ways to tell if you – or someone else – is having a stroke
  • Simple steps to lower your risk for a heart attack


Improving Your Relationships with Dr. Elayne Savage

This session will help you get past what holds us back from having more fulfilling relationships. Elayne is known as The Queen of Rejection.® She is a skillful communication coach and internationally respected expert on: overcoming rejection, handling disappointment, not taking things so personally, improving communication skills, and dealing with difficult people.

In this session, you will learn (among other things):

  • The difference between “being vulnerable” and “feeling vulnerable” – and why it matters
  • How we can most past previous trauma to allow for better relationships
  • Why anger and resentment fill us up and prevent better relationships from taking place
  • The THREE entities in every couple’s relationships: You, Me, Us
  • How to communicate better to have a better relationship

With over twenty-five years of coaching, consulting, and clinical experience, she has helped hundreds of couples, individuals, and business professionals, cope with these negative forces and regain control of their lives–personally & professionally.


Making Change Easy with Dave Berman

Getting Past the Barriers to Change

In this session, you will learn (among other things):

  • What is NLP? What is Hypnosis? How are they different?
  • What is “Pronoia?”
  • How does the Mind/Body connection affect our lives?
  • What is the “Thought Compass” and how it can keep us on track – or get us off track
  • What is “sensory memory?”
  • How do NLP and Law of Attraction work together?

Dave is a Certified Hypnotist, Life Coach & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Through his practice, called Manifest Positivity, Dave helps clients build confidence and self-esteem; exceed limiting beliefs; improve memory; accelerate learning; gain health by losing weight from the inside out; and align actions with intentions by taking control of unconscious behavior patterns including phobias, trauma, anxiety, insomnia, allergies, and addictions. In addition to private sessions in his Arcata, CA office, Dave also works with clients via Skype and frequently presents public workshops. Dave is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the International Coach Federation. His mantra is “Live to love as much as possible.” In addition to other locations, Dave has been a guest writer for (here is an article he wrote). Check out his website at


Living Your Life in Celebration

Getting Past Barriers to Your True Spiritual Self

Dr. Sue Morter is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility. She founded Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing and wellness facility, in Indianapolis in 1987. In addition to her private practice, today she holds seminars around the world – most recently in Bali, Indonesia – with the sole intent of awakening individuals to their own magnificence. A dynamic and charismatic speaker, she has been referred to as a “Shaman in a Business Suit” and can be seen and heard in multiple documentary films, internet television and radio interviews, and live conferences worldwide.

By listening to this recording you will:

  • Understand how everything is made of energy and how it affects your ability to accomplish what you want
  • Learn how to live life in a state of celebration
  • Discover how to get past the blockages that prevent you from living the life you truly desire
  • Realize the reality of your gut feeling
  • Learn how to change what’s holding you back with some very simple activities
  • Be inspired on levels you cannot imagine

For a special deal from Dr. Sue, go to


Gary Karp talks about overcoming negative self talk.

Getting Past Those Pesky Voices In Your Head Telling you You Can’t

Gary Karp will help us get past what holds us back with regards to those pesky voices in our head that tell us we cannot do something. And Gary would know; he is an internationally recognized public speaker, corporate trainer, facilitator, author, and editor. He has been living — fully — with a T12 spinal cord injury since 1973 when he was injured in a fall from a tree at the age of eighteen. For his unique and extensive contributions to disability awareness, in 2007 Gary was inducted into the Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame as a disability educator. He is also the author of three books.

By listening to this recording you will:

  • Realize it’s OK to be disappointed at times
  • Affirm that you don’t have to be the best at everything
  • Be reminded you enjoy what you do, you’ll do better at it
  • Learn how to determine if your doubts are helping you or holding you back
  • Understand “suckage” is part of the process
  • Be inspired by Gary to move forward

To learn more about Gary, go to


Mike Domitz answers questions on Getting Past What Gets in the Way of You Finding Your Passion.

Getting Past What Gets in the Way of You Finding Your Passion

Mike is a dynamo who has helped me out in more ways than I can even list. (Actually, he was the catalyst for this series.) You’ll want to make time to be there for this recording. The US Military, educational institutions, NBC, ABC, and CBS have all featured Mike’s work. As an award-winning author and expert, he has appeared on over 40 shows (radio/TV) and spoken on 4 continents to more than 30,000 people a year. In under one hour, Mike leaves people of all ages talking for months and even years – about the lessons he shared. You will love how Mike engages you and provides you with realistic solutions to implement into your life immediately. Best of all, Mike’s own personal story is an incredible example of Getting Past What Gets in the Way of You Finding Your Passion.

By listening to this recording you will:

  • Identify what matters most to you
  • Understand the importance of planning
  • Learn how to re-ignite your drive for your career or personal life
  • Be inspired by Mike’s story
  • Move forward to the next level in your life

To learn more about Mike’s organization, follow this link.


How to Have a Closer Relationship With Your Family

In a crazy, busy, overloaded, overwhelming world, we can sometimes forget about what’s important, including our family. In this one-hour interview with family and parenting expert, Scott Hammond, author of The Every Day Dad, you will pick up great tips to further improve your family life, whether that is two people or 20.

By listening to this recording you will:

  • Develop skills to get you more of what you want without taking away from others in your family
  • Learn how to defuse disagreements before they escalate
  • See how micro-vacations can build a closer relationship with your partner and children
  • Identify what’s most important & prioritize what matters
  • See how resentment and anger will “eat you up”
  • Lower the “guilt and shame” level for being busy
  • Move from a “have to” to “get to” mentality
  • Walk away with a simple tool you can use this very evening to enhance your relationship

To learn more about Scott Hammond, follow this link.
To learn more about, or to purchase The Every Day Dad, follow this link.


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