Getting Support: If You Could Do It Alone, It Would Have Already Been Done

I just finished meeting with my fellow Humboldt County speakers. We’re not a large group; maybe about 10 of us but we all use speaking and training as part of our income; some more than others. We meet at my house and today there were five of us.

Some people think that they can do it “alone.” I imagine they can. My question is “Why?” We are communal creatures. We build cities and societies because we like (and need) to be with others. Not to mention, that the collective mind can usually come up with more ideas than a solitary mind. The ideas might not be the best but with the power of a group, one can see what works, what would not, and make modifications as necessary.

Without a mere handful of people today, I received:

  • Support
  • Fresh Ideas
  • Camaraderie
  • A break from being behind my desk

As a therapist once said to me, “Even powerful people have needs.” It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help nor to be in a group. It actually makes things easier and better.

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