Join the Seven-day Positivity Challenge!

Every Monday for the last several years I’ve sent out the Monday Motivational Memo (“MMM)”. It’s designed to help you move forward with whatever is holding you back and always offers some small piece of advice.

For the first time in the several hundred MMMs that I’ve sent out, I’m changing the format.

I’m asking YOU to spread a very positive message.

Please join me in making this go viral. The details are below.

My friend, mentor, and Zumba instructor, Greg Parnell, inspired me with this idea. He posted on my Facebook page, three items for which he was grateful and then he challenged me to do the same for seven days.

I accepted this, and I thought

“With all the negativity in the world right now, wouldn’t it a great way to remind us of what’s going well?”

Thank you so much.

What am I asking you to do?

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Believe in Yourself as Much as you Believe in Others

hands-reaching-outWe are incredibly supportive of our friends and our family.

When they doubt themselves, we are easily able to inspire, encourage, and invigorate them up with all sorts of compliments. As importantly, we truly believe what we’re telling them too.

Yet, when we are talking about ourselves we are not as good of a friend.

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