Verbs Versus Nouns

Language evolves; it’s a living entity.


As example, in the 1700s, what was a “butt-plate?”

If you thought it to be the 18th century version of shape wear or something on which you placed your “pratts” (buttocks), you’d be completely wrong. Rather, it was the metal plate at the “butt end” of a musket, used to protect the wood and possibly make the butt a better weapon unto itself.

Moving into the late 1800s, “seven miles behind the moon,” had nothing to do with astronomy. Rather, it was a way of saying someone was “crazy,” or “out there.”

We needn’t look too far into the past to see this evolution.

In our lifetimes alone, the use of words has drastically changed. I’m probably the only person on the planet who still uses the term “righteously bitchen.” Yet when I was a teen, that manifestation was about as common as platform shoes and aviator glasses. Now it’s heard as often as we see pet rocks.

This year, the latest additions to Webster’s dictionary included “crowdfunding,” “selfie,” and “fracking;” three terms that would have made its users seem seven miles behind the moon in the very recent past. [Read more...]

Video: Little Girl Doesn’t Want Her Brother to Grow Up

I don’t whether to laugh or cry at this video.

However, I think we can all really relate. Sometimes aging just sucks. However, who would have thought it would affect this little girl so much.  In this video, she not only laments the fact that her little brother is going to grow up, but that she will.

It’s the perfect combination between cute and poignant.

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Video: 80 Years of Happy

I apologize in advance for this.

I have to admit, I like(d) the song “Happy” for a long time. It’s become a phenomenon and it caught me. However, it’s now become an ear-worm and each time I think I’ve got it out of my head, it comes back to haunt me again. In this case, I’m OK with it but I have to warn you if you’ve been trying to get it out of your head, don’t watch the video.

But it’s worth it.

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