Waiting for Miracles That Hever Happen

Some rather odd happenstances have occurred lately.

Item 1: While walking down “I” street listening to a podcast, the host were discussing companies associated with presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. One organization, Stericycle, commands the bulk of their conversation.

Until that moment, I never heard of Stericycle. Until that instant, I never saw anything associated with Stericycle. And, at that exact second, a Stericycle truck rumbles up next to me.

“What a weird coincidence,” I thought. “One minute prior and I would not have noticed it. One minute later and I would not have been here.” I am astonished.

Item 2: A couple days later, a client offers to put me up in the Wingate Hotel in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Hours later, the main character in the book I’m reading decides travel will clear her head. Of all the locales, towns, and inns on this this enormous planet, the author chooses the exact identical Wingate Hotel in Latrobe.

“Freaky,” I thought, dropping my book. Although my client decided to let me find my own lodging, two powerful coincidences in a row have me uneasy.

Item 3: I recall a long-lost friend from the eighties, wondering how he is faring these days. No problem, he calls that day to tell me.

Item last: I am reminded of a movie I haven’t seen in decades. My DVR “accidentally” records it that night. What are the odds?

As Freud purportedly said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

I get it. A coincidence is exactly that. Yet, I can’t help wonder when so many wash up one after another like waves on beach, might there be meaning? [Read more…]

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